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Army boots brand what, buy army boots to look for a brand?

What kind of boots are army boots?
(1) produced by regular military enterprises or produced by the military designated units;
(2) product quality and performance have reached the military standard, and have passed the inspection;
(3) the formal deployment of active forces is carried out through the formal military materiel support system.
In conformity with the first two, we can call it “military products”; and the 3 are in conformity with each other and can be called standard products. From the outside, the identification of army boots and military shoes is that the army boots, leather shoes, and seams are directly exposed to the soles of the shoes, and in professional terms, they are called “Ming Jie di””. The officer shoes as an example, the Quartermaster department in 1987 to design 87 type officer shoes, according to the SGB2-102-87 standard, its appearance is still using the adhesive joint, seam line structure, upper chrome black cattle leather, vulcanized rubber outsole for flat bottom, even with the forming pattern for AC grid.
What are the brand of army boots?
Army boots brand – Danner army boots
Danner America is in the dark horse of the great depression. Known as the shoe emperor, good quality, high prices, U.S. troops also did a lot to the theater. Most people evaluate Danner’s boots “sports shoes through the foot feeling, that other brands are the clouds”.
All along, Danner has been advocating the creation of higher standards. Danner firmly believes that there may be many similar ways to make a pair of boots, but there is only one of the highest standards, and there is no room for compromise. A pair of boots can go a long way with his owner, while many of Danner’s boots can be replaced over the years, refurbished leather, re – launched, rejuvenated. So, a person with Danner can go further!
Army boots brand – Belleville army boots
Belleville is one of the oldest shoe factories in the United States. Business began to improve with the first military order in 1917. The largest U.S. army boots supplier during World War ii. The popularity of Belleville is no less than that of Zippo in private waist. US Marines serving hot season desert boots, fast dry, breathable, each side has two drainage hole, drainage on drying function in addition to the Oriental design for wide shoe size.
Army boots brand – BATES army boots
In 1883 the fertile forest (WOLVERINE) was founded, as one of the largest and most famous softball shoe companies, one of the oldest shoe-making enterprises. Fertile forest company began manufacturing different functions from the beginning of the twentieth Century leather boots, boots and improve comfort and durability.
Army boots brand – 511 army boots
Boots are not 511 of the flagship products. The 5.11 Tactical Series is setting up an innovative, demanding standard for making new combat boots. 511, the United States is a very terrorist military brand, his military boots with complex process called, when Prince Charles when serving, 511 for him to design a desert boots.
Army boots – Black Hawk boots
The main suppliers of American regular forces, camouflage uniforms, army boots and regular clothing, were provided by them for a long time, as a regular partner of the United States military.
The United States Army (such as the famous ride a lot of soldiers prefer black hawk Division) products, because the Black Hawk’s comfort is very good, there are a lot of US soldiers out of their own pockets to buy their own love military products, rather than on the allotment is. Black Hawk is good in quality and quality, suitable for everyday wear and city wear.
No matter which brand, it depends on personal preference. Overall, these brands are a good choice, it is to see their personality more inclined to which areas?.

Clever collocation thigh boots with perfect leg type

Thigh boots] thigh boots with perfect leg type clever collocation
Over the knee boots.
Comments: red wine over the knee boots, short skirts or a disheveled collocation skirt, skirt can cover the thigh meat, and can modify the leg curve.
Comments: Black Leather thigh boots, boots lace design, after stitching Plush buckle fashion generous, collocation shorts, waist coat, elongated leg curve will be better.
Over the knee boots.
Comments: nude color wedges over the knee boots, this boot is not suitable for a coat, look too cumbersome Oh, like Ma Dou a floral dress, sweet and generous.
Comments: black woolen material over the knee boots, black would display such package styles, elongated legs curve better, slim skirt collocation outstanding woman.
Comments: retro feel of the strap over the knee boots, collocation doll collar dress, very, the feeling of the wind, you can also take Plaid Shorts, black shirt, as high thin oh.
Over the knee boots collocation.
Comments: black over the knee boots, after the bow tie and add the sweet feeling, collocation dark grey tights, also has a good visual effect.

Long wearing high boots is more dangerous

For high cylinder boots, the heel height should be kept at about 3 centimeters, and the boot should not be too tight. It is not appropriate to wear high boots while traveling, and young ladies should not wear high boots. Home should be put on slippers off his boots in a timely manner, and then use hot water soak tired feet, you can put some Chinese angelica, safflower Wenjingtongluo, can not only relieve, alleviate foot fatigue.
Long term wear small boots, boots waist too tight, boots with too high boots, easy to cause foot, ankle and leg part of the organization, poor circulation. Long wearing high boots may even occur around the Achilles tendon inflammation, tenosynovitis and beriberi. That love wearing high boots female friends, try not to put the pants tied to high boots, because high boots often tightly “tied” in the legs, wearing a long time if it is very easy to cause the superficial peroneal nerve compression syndrome.
Various leg styles and boots collocation skills
The 1. leg: in the selection of relatively thick boots, abandon the best cortex tight style, may wish to choose good scalability, can follow the shape of your leg stretch material, such as leather made of soft, beautiful shoe.
2. calf more round: the most important thing is to let people move, don’t choose the kind of concise, to choose the design of leg part slightly more complex models, such as wrinkles or on both sides with an elastic or decorative rope type. It makes people feel that there is a sense of space in their boots without paying attention to their rounded calves.
3.: short skirt and cylinder shoes don’t end up in the thickest place leg, the best collocation with the color of the boots or boots, and let the skirt boots on the edge of cover, because the boot line can make you beautiful tangible looks slim.
4. o leg (radish legs): suitable for boots is a little more than the calf boots, in fact, this kind of people the best collocation a pair of knee length leggings or simply dress socks, knee cover, avoid exposing shortcomings.

High boots collocation

If it is a mature and stable work, as a guide and money the right clothes, the best choice of classic boots, black, grey, brown, Brown is good, but don’t ignore the leather sophisticated, elegant style, feminine. Black, help boots vamp crease, fine wool, suede trim, setting toe is the key to win the boots. Bid farewell to the ordinary dark and redundant, shining and rhythm in the ordinary.
Collocation: the principle is, no matter wearing high help, low help, allowing yourself to symmetrical legs, showing cuts, cold and coming back a pity.
The color of the animal in grain boots intoxicating wine red, blue and purple, vivid and romantic, the soul jumping impulse, patent leather, leather, flash material, the use of different materials, light and dark cross contains a simple, warm faith.
Collocation: young, romantic girl can wear the boots charm, dare and coat, jacket, skirt, sweater collocation, as long as the feeling of pleasing lines. Of course, the same colors carry bags that will find balance.
All kinds of fabric boots, high elastic fabric, suede, loop hair, wool cloth, fabric color changes, middle cylinder boots light and fashionable, plus tassels, inlay color, embroidery, simple in the dizzy fan, this is slightly ahead of elegance.
Collocation: this boot is close to the legs because of its good elasticity. Although not extravagant, but sweaters, plaid apron company, warm and pleasant, affinity is greatly improved.
Casual boots: winter leisure shoes very bold outside, even exaggerated, took one look at the design feeling awkward, but wear in the feet, let people give up the power of comfort is not strange, fuzzy design must be able to arouse the desire to have it.
Hippie boots 2 inch heels, taper shape, width of the soles of sight back in 60s. Beautiful blue denim, snakeskin, painting, embroidery could skillfully together.
Collocation: the principle is to try to match some hippie clothes. Be careful, not everyone can wear a grade. In fact, the shoes fit well with the denim shirts in the age season.
Because the soft bottom boot camp, leather, shoes form loose, running in this boot JiBu, instead of feet, the design of hair hard overlapping complex, many out of the modern lifestyle and character.
Collocation: a boot will show, wearing a skirt, the best leisure, boots, it is not appropriate to choose their. Take an unusual make-up, comb an exaggerated hairstyle, look relaxed, walk in the street, relax the fun and enjoy shopping.
The sheep fur boots flanging, or on a flat, using simple formation materials, cylindrical mast. Put it on, although in a noisy alley, refreshing feeling to the thoughts of the blue sky and white clouds, green grass, cattle and sheep flocks of grassland.
Collocation: with striped coarse woolen sweater, long hair with long coat, scarf with natural bright color, comb a chaotic long braids, like grassland innocent cunning sheep.

Winter cool handsome styling collocation method

Martin boots from two years ago after a fashion in the ferocious, get out of hand, boots more than orthodox retro leisurely, snow boots and more compact than the aura, Martin boots with its unique personality deep heat pursued the fashion of people today, let us work together to have a detailed interpretation on the market today MM the hottest several Martin boots:
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots with pictures
1, brown leather with very carefully carved Italian handmade boots taste, thick retro charm, side zipper is very intimate design, collocation also beggar casual jeans is simply the best partner.
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots
Martin boots
2, with very gorgeous feeling fine rivets, silver zipper rivets and complement each other, black coat collocation leopard tights very brisk, feet black collocation Martin boots is icing on the cake.
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots
Martin shoes
3, the high quality brown leather boots Martin is quite outstanding, elastic thread boots mouth mouth position both warm and add more leisure flavor, “the narrow width” fashion dress collocation Martin boots is definitely your best choice.
Martin boots with pictures
Martin boots with pictures

How does Martin boots match pants?

Match 1: Martin boots + hole jeans
Brown fashion Martin boots, with a pair of broken jeans, upper body with T-shirts and army green jacket, broken hole elements and Martin boots combination, show fashion, handsome, full of personality style.
Match two: Martin boots + leopard Leggings
A pair of black Martin boots collocation black body collocation and a leopard leggings, wild and sexy and stylish handsome, overall collocation famous full personality, fashion taste.
Match three: Martin boots + black boots pants
Brown Martin boots, with black boots, pants and T-shirts and other casual collocation, wearing a fashion casual taste, showing street fashion sense.
Match four: Martin boots + black casual pants
Black is a very thin color, black Martin boots with black casual pants, very thin. With a small suit and striped coat, it shows the feminine sense of being a gentleman.
Five: Martin boots + skirt collocation + stockings
The Martin boots collocation skirt and stockings, can also add a lot of fashion show personality and taste of a woman.
Single items: Martin boots, jeans, leggings, boots, pants

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